The Main Causes of Illness and Disease


I don’t think it can be hidden any longer, prolonged usage of carbon emissions can harm the environment.  We must work together to rid our culture of these harmful gases.  Help by starting to invest in clean energy.  Energy sources such as wind, solar water can be beneficial for our future as a culture.  If we all work together, we can truly make a difference.


With epidemics such as heroin, and synthetic drugs, it has led to one of the greatest problems among us, drug usage.  Ever since the birth of our country, we have always been using drugs to alter our reality.  Never has there been a time when so many of those drugs were killing people at an alarming rate!  Please visit your local drug rehabilitation clinic to receive help right now.


We mention this movement because of its population of youth.  The youth population is starting to move into more of the primary overall population of the country.  We must embrace this new way  of thinking and teach them the wisdom that we have gained.  Help by talking to our youth and learn the way that they think and how they perceive the world.


The growing rate and rise in technology has increased our knowledge base x 10.  No culture has been able to access so much information within a period of time.  The professional jobs that have emerged because of it has been amazing.  Jobs such as net workers, data recovery experts, and new and improved managed services help out local businesses to improve their overall network.  This helps the world move together towards the future.


It can’t be hidden any longer, our forests and environment are being destroyed at an alarming rate.  Please help this cause for various reasons.  It decreases our oxygen concentration in the atmosphere and it destroy’s other animals.  Please, get your tree removal done professionally, and don’t do it yourself.  There is a high risk of injuries and creating more damage on your yard.


With new chemicals and elements always evolving, so has the risk to people.  Some of the elements to watch out for include radon, carbon, and hydrogen.  It is very important to be checking for these gases on a regular basis.  If you find the gases to be present, make sure you install a removal system.  Milwaukee Radon Home helps new home owners get discounted rates on radon systems and is the company that I would recommend radon mitigation Milwaukee.  This company is essential to helping our cause to keep the environment clean.  We recommend that every new home should have a radon system installed in order to make sure that their families aren’t exposed to harmful gases.

The Beginning

To start out this blog, I will start by simply discussing the point of this blog.

We are a team of experts that have grouped together to help the world become a safe place for a younger generation to come.  We started in 2007 in a little town of Wauwatosa, Wisconsin.  The Coalition was formed when 5 students growing up became obsessed with helping the world get rid of human illness.  With many of our friends affected by disease that was prevalent in our environment started our search for answers.
We have set out to combat the issues that drive the problems in our community.  All types of disease, illness, and public perception can be influenced by your help.
We are seeking a team of individuals that want to honestly change the community based organizations without compensation.  We need people that are out for the best interest of the environment and the people that lived within it.