Goal #1 is to simply inform the public of many common environmental concerns that are a threat to our families and children. We want to bring the issues of disease to light in our community.  We feel as if these issues have gone on too long to not discuss them and look for appropriate measures to correct them.  Once we have these issues identified, then we can move to the next goal in our checklist, protecting our families and loved ones.


Goal #2 is to combat the influences of disease in our community as a whole. Once we begin our transition to destroy the issues that cause harm to our families, we will have a brighter future.  It is our obligation to seek out protection for those that we love and adore.  This is our goal.  We must come together and lead the march of helping people protect themselves.  More importantly, teaching them of the harmful elements and issues that threaten our lives every single day.  Once the initial protection is done, we can then move to further prevention.


Goal #3 is to prevent the environmental disease to ever surface in our community again. By preventing these industries that pollute our air and poison our children we shall have a much better future.  This is our most important goal that our team is working endlessly on.  We want to make this future proof.  Once we find the best course of action to help inform and prevent further illness and disease, we can then look for alternative means of longevity of our human race.